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Due to COVID-19, all our sessions will be held online until we can find a way to sing together safely. Though othere choirs may be coming together, it is much harder for us to be socially distanced with littles. This also means that our performances will be all be online (should you wish to take part). We will be creating videos of all of our repertoire to create our own online events. Please bear this in mind when you decide to join us.

Join us a full member or opt to be in one of our a videos

If you opt to be in a video only, we send you the parts instructions on how to record yourself. Once you have recorded yourself and sent the audio and video in we’ll put it all together and share in on all our social media!

Why MumSing?

Great Songs

At MumSing you’ll be singing some great songs. Anything from your favourite musicals, Gospel, 80’s ballads, 90’s RnB and obviously, Disney! I’m sorry, but if you don’t like Disney, you just can’t join! LOL!

Vocal Improvement

No matter what level of singing experience you have, your voice will improve with MumSing. We provide you with exercises and tips to help grow your voice and perform at your best.

Family Friendly

Childcare is always difficult and expensive. With MumSing, you can bring your children with you. Just make sure they have their favourite toy and snacks.

Our MumSing sessions are all during the day. Evening is family dinner time, homework time, story time and, finally, BEDTIME!


Our mums are friendly, helpful and very supportive. we all understand what being a means and the struggles every day brings. Our mums also love to meet up for lunch and love going out together.

Where and When?




Term Time OnlyS

Book a free taster session. Then pay just £10 a month.   (normal fee is £15 a month, but due to being online, we have reduced  the fee)

Or opt for our videos only option. This option entitles you to access to the parts for the video you are participating only, with full instructions on how to record your audio and video. This option is £5 per video.

What do I need to join?

  • A willingness to learn
  • A Passion for singing
  • A free Monday or Thursday morning
  • Your child’s favourite toy and a snack to keep them smiling!

You do not need to have any previous experience.

So if you are ready to join MumSing please register below:

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